Rider - Jack Fisher, Location - Rotorua, NZ, Photo - Cameron Mackenzie

Shot: No Risk, No Reward

As photographers, we always find ourselves waking earlier, going to bed later and developing these inhuman sleeping habits, just to shoot when the light is golden. Much like that old proverb your […]


TPC Museum Series: Hit The Road Mack

Delving deep into the back catalogue of The Pro’s Closet’s Museum Series is always a fascinating history lesson. Unlike the mountain bikes from yesteryear, road bikes haven’t changed radically in […]

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Wookies, Roots, Gaps And Strokes

Besides the big air, root popping and high-speed tech descending from Sam “Wookie” Perry, you’ve gotta love the use of The Strokes as the soundtrack to Loose Riders’ latest edit […]

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Sunday Stones

Imagine one of the world’s biggest bands trying to hold a free concert in a major city with half a million people in attendance today. We will never see this […]


Westfjords With XPDTN3

If you weren’t convinced of the quality of gravel to be found in the Nordic extremes after Focus Bikes and Jeremy Powers’ Iceland excursion, the perennial adventurers from XPDTN3 hope […]


My Pet Shark

Whether you’re riding big wheels or small, fat tyres or thin, full squish or full stiff, the name of the game these days is gearing. It’s feeling like the early […]


Last Drinks

Another year of cyclocross racing is over and for those of us who love it, it feels like boxing day. The mass of race tape is our pile of wrapping […]


Powering The Paralane

In which the interminably cheerful Jeremy Powers gets sent to Iceland by Focus Bikes to assess the capabilities of the Paralane endurance/cross/discroadfastbike. To be perfectly honest, I’d be happy to […]