It’s pretty easy to blame the minority for the ills of the majority, and that’s by and large what is happening all over the world in the everyday action of simply trying to get somewhere. It’s even getting to a crucial level here in New Zealand, where the attitudes of drivers are a pretty sobering read if you dare go online and look at any article on the subject of sharing road space.

The new film Bikes Vs Cars looks at the worldwide problem through examples from countries where it’s an even more massive issue, namely the USA, Canada and Brazil, yet the narrative could as easily be from our own backyard, just on a smaller overall scale. There is still a long way to go until bicycles are seen as a viable transport option in this country, and the benefits to everyone are recognised and then accepted as something beneficial to traffic, health and the environment; not as something that prevented you getting to the next traffic lights five seconds earlier.

The film has already played in Wellington and Auckland as part of the Architecture and Design Film Festival, but Dunedin and Christchurch can still catch it, or it can be purchased online for your own screening event… ChainSlap is looking at this for a Wellington screening if there is interest.


DUNEDIN: Tue 21 June, 6:45 pm

CHCH: Thu 7 July, 7:45 pm