You’ve got to hand it to Peter Sagan, he’s his own man and stands out among the sea of bland that the road peloton can be. And when you’ve got the skills and strength to back it up, then no-one can tag you with the all show, no go tag. Sagan’s style on the bike, his willingness to go it alone and take risks, seems to have transferred to his taste in cars… we’re pretty sure you won’t be seeing Froome or Contador rolling up to the Tour in a badass 1970 Dodge Charger any time soon.

Sagan dodge-charger-monogrammed-seats

His wins in the World Champs road race last year and the Tour of Flanders in April were two of the most exciting races of recent memory, and his decision to forego the Olympic road race in favour of the mountain bike event only makes him cooler. I’d be a little bit wary if I was lining up against him in Rio…

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