We all have that friend that is up for anything, regardless of your idea. That friend for me is Nipper.

It was simple and seemed so easy; drive out two hours, hike our bikes up to 1,438 metres and ride back down. We hadn’t heard of anyone riding this mountain, An Teallach, so Nipper and I took on the challenge, along with his dogs Tess (in shot) and Bruor.

No question this was hiking-a-bike, and we had no pedalling at all on the way up, just pushing and carrying our bikes as we made our way to the summit. Regardless of the lack of riding, the views at the top made up for it. After being asked by a few hikers “are you going to ride down?” we set off.

Rocky and loose, it was easy to be distracted by the endless mountain view and with a few crashes along the way, we wound our way down to our car and a well-earned beer.

Riders: Johny Cook and Nipper
Location: An Teallach, Scotland