Even to zealous devotees of the velocipede, the short history of cycling anime would have been thought to be much shorter before watching this video. However, relative to a single mainstream anime series, the volume of cycling related content is lower than peoples’ expectations for the Ghost In The Shell remake.

While all but the most hardened weeaboos might balk at the dinner-plate eyes and frenetic pop-punk soundtracks of some of the inclusions found herein, there’s some Campagnolo among the Suntour. Nasu: Summer In Andalusia and Nasu: A Migratory Bird With A Suitcase are directed by veteran Ghibli animator Kitarō Kōsaka and have a more restrained stylisation, good drama and high realism. Even the absurdity of Yowamushi Pedal is endearing and Long Riders! is fascinating for its conventional subject matter.