Guilty Pleasures are those songs you never wanted to admit you loved, were too embarrassed to play in public, but deep down they meant something to you.  Finally there’s a place to air them, even if it causes breakups of friendships or worse. Our first brave volunteer to bare her soul is our resident music maven Fiona, who never was one to hide much shame, especially if it involves music, beer and questionable dance moves.

Baby It’s You – Promises

Half of this song epitomises music that I detest – a honey-drenched male voice with a clipped intonation, an awful synthesiser that shrieks in a piercing tone, a terrible bridge that makes me want to stab someone … and yet, and yet … when the drums start to pound and the guitars start to wail you know that it’s about to take off.

The fierceness and passion of the female voice drives through your chest and I don’t care who you are, you will crank this song up and screech along with her, preferably travelling fast with the wind in your face and your adrenaline pumping. Maybe wearing a tie with no shirt…

And she’s right, “you know I can’t forget you so soon”.