Connor Mahuika is a 17 year old lad from Rotorua, New Zealand. Connor made a name for himself in the MTB world last year by taking out 4th place in the Rock Shox Pump Track Challenge at Crankworx Rotorua at just 16 years of age.

Since then Connor has been practicing and progressing his riding style in preparation for this year’s Crankworx, where he will be riding in the Whip Off, Dual Speed and Style, Air DH and of course… the Pump Track Challenge.

Connor’s taking life by the special bits and is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with. Show him some love on his social media @connor.mahuika and get behind him in his upcoming events at Crankworx.

Even the way this lad gets around town is steezy as!

Don’t worry, in New Zealand you can ride a 50cc bike or less on your learners permit.

One of Connor’s choice locations to hone in his dirt jumping skills, Dodzy’s Skills Park, Redwoods, Rotorua!

Showing his style with a tuck no-hander.

Practicing for this year’s Oceania World Whip Off champs.

Young and wild, this kid has got guts, determination and style!

Waiting to go again… there’s no shortage of energy when it comes to Connor Mahuika.

Turn Down For What?! Keep your eyes peeled for this young whippet competing in his events over the next week at Crankworx, Rotorua 2017.