Guilty Pleasures are those songs you never wanted to admit you loved, were too embarrassed to play in public, but deep down they meant something to you. Finally there’s a place to air them, even if it causes breakups of friendships or worse. Fiona takes us back to 1980 in Australia with the venerable good time party band and a tune that still sounds great today.

Come Around – Mental As Anything

I will fall for a marching drum and walking bass every time. Add to this the crooning of one Martin Plaza, along with some sliding keyboard scales and choppy twangy guitar, well it’s hard not to fall in love with this little gem.

You’d never put the Mentals in your top 10 bands and the song probably wouldn’t make a top 10 list.  Maybe it’s more an “average pleasure”… or a “pleasant dalliance”. It’s quite a dated look and sound to be fair. Maybe that’s what qualifies it.

I just adore the whole damn package! This song always brings a slice of joy into my day.

Yes Martin, I WILL leave all that bitterness behind…

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