Give us a film about handmade bicycles with plenty of close-ups of beautiful lugs and dropouts and we’re pretty content. Trying to explain the processes and purposes of the Amerigo Milano Fashion Bike, well we’ll leave that to those in the know…

A bicycle is commonly used to do sports, to get from A to B, or for the simple pleasure of riding. A bicycle does not leave a carbon footprint, and over the past few years more than ever before, it has become the symbol of a new generation of ladies and gentlemen, who choose to create their own fashion – with great attention to detail. Individuals have gone to great lengths to truly embrace their two wheels as part of their lifestyle. What started off as a distinct characteristic, is evolving into a fashionable trend. A fashion fueled and inspired by the street, that is.

The cycling hype has long gone beyond the common use of a vehicle – the beloved two wheels have found their way into our homes, at times becoming part of the furniture. No longer only hung from the ceiling or stored in the garage, more frequently we find bicycles intentionally displayed as actual elements of the scene, of the furniture, sometimes even able to carry out unconventional functions.

Based on these observations, Amerigo Milano has launched three bicycles, that exceed even the highest of expectations, as demanding as these may be. It is possible to choose between classic models, for passionate gear-shifters, automatic versions, and even a variation with assisted pedals.

Leopoldo is the basic men’s version, that comes with leather gloves and a matching laptop leather bag. Leopolda instead is the ladies’ model, which comes with a matching cross shoulder bag with smartphone pocket, and a coordinated packing case.

Later, much later, Isidoro arrived at Amerigo’s: probably one of the most beautiful finishings ever seen on a bicycle. Isidoro is a special edition, that shines bright like the gold finish she is wrapped in.

But let’s take a step back – not way back to good old Einstein’s white hair floating in the wind, although he loved his two wheels nearly as much as he loved numbers and formulas. Instead, let’s go back to the continuous research around a product. Amerigo’s bicycles got what it takes to become a real statement, they stand for “made in Italy”, and they represent something very special because of the craftsmanship and beauty that distinguishes them. They have been created for who has made of good taste their own reason for being. They are customized and personal bicycles that have the name of their owner engraved on a handmade leather detail. Because it’s that name which adds value, the fact of having chosen each other.

Where are these pieces of art made? Each of the parts that eventually come together to form Leopoldo’s, Leopolda’s and Isidoro’s start their journey in northern Italy, Brianza, not far from Milan, and just a few miles away from Lake Como. Behind them, a team of professionals but also art historians, and of course – a generous (over)dose of passion. Like the unconditional passion for bicycles of Isidoro himself, 67 years of age, whose love for cycling goes beyond professional matters: what started with performing a few maintenance procedures for his own bicycle, later on lead to him becoming a fully-blown bicycle mechanic.

“I just put pieces together”, he modestly states, whilst handling various metal frames, then he praises the skillful workmen that were able to create our specific colors. “I love bicycles, not necessarily cycling as a sports discipline. I enjoy experimenting with all those new materials that have become available – back in the days, there was not much choice, or – I guess, some materials were simply considered too precious to be used for a bicycle. By these I mean titanium or certain types of wood or leather. Remember though that a good bicycle is nothing but a successful geometry, that’s all.”

Once upon a time they were simple bicycles, an idea that brings back childhood memories. Today they seem to have become racing machines, with increasingly high speed limits, manufactured with great attention to detail, just like the accessories they wear – think of the CYCLE BAG made in braided leather, the MacBook case, the multifunctional basket that comes with exchangeable covers or the laptop leather bag. Think of the time you spent on choosing the right model to take home with you, to bring into your life. Because deep down that’s what it is about, something that becomes a piece of your life. Future life.

Amerigo Milano wishes to convey an emotion to its clients, through its special bicycles, and thanks to the fact that each piece is unique, and an essential part of a timeless style.