Words Tom Cappleman. Photos Digby Shaw.

This is my Crowe-Rishworth Bicycle. It’s my do-everything-that-isn’t-mountain-biking bike and it even gives that a good go when I get carried away.

Pat needs no introduction but I’d like to take this opportunity to let him know how rad the bikes are that he builds. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to get hands-on and have a very well supervised go at it. The whole process, from drinking Yorkshire tea whilst drawing, to filing the shit out of some tubes, was perfect. People are doing some crazy cool stuff in Wellington, it’s great that most Wellingtonians value their time and passion.

Mike from Stealth Bike Bags is a jazzy man. Reflective polka dots over multicam makes me moist.


Getting this full deep custom galaxy fade finish on the decals took some thinking about. A few days of deliberation with Pat and we ended up here, bloody good!

Probably my favourite detail on the bike. I took the anodising off my XT crank with oven cleaner and polished the bad boy up good and proper. The galaxy fade spider still blows my mind.

The rattle can confidence was high when we had a go at the King top cap.

Shout out to Digby Shaw for the amazing photographs.