Early arrivals were pleased to discover the coffee-Kombi all ready to go

With rare Marlbrough rain in the forecast the marquee was erected but not much water actually fell from the sky.

Its a family affair.

Auntsfield vinyard was the venue. this is the view from the original wine cellar, constructed in 1873.

The View from the highest point on the course.

I couldn’t resist snooping around the old wine cellar.

Geoffrey Notman. Flat out, feet up, drifting into the outside line on the fastest corner entry on the course.

Ben Moulam. foot out flat out.

Deirdre Johnson tucking into the inside line. Just dont get too close to the posts, they dont move.

Poor Mikey.

Tangled hoses, muddy bikes, tired competitors and stressed support crew littered the pit area

Huttcross stalwart Owen Hughes was toasted after an hour plus a lap.. but still managed a return for the singlespeed race.

Liv Bishop and Susan Van Der Pol crest the short pinch that came before the muddy crossings and the long climb to the top of the course.

Kim Hust working hard to keep a blurry Andy King at bay.

A Suprisingly clean looking Liv Bishop committed to the drops into the fast corner.

Women’s Champ Kim Hurst begins the long climb to the water tank at the top of the course.

Sampson Mollan managed to blow his tyre off his rim at the beginning of his race…

The course tangled its way around the fireplaces of the old Auntsfield homestead.

The fireplaces were a popular hang out on a crisp and grey Marlbrough morning.

Post race story telling from the lower north island contingent

Matt Disney going Mach Chicken down the long downhill straight from the water tank.

Kim Hurst taking it to eleven.

2016 champ Brendan Sharratt had the pain face on after a brief mechanical at the beginning of the mens race. he gave his all trying to catch up, but it was not to be.

Andy King struggles with hand gestures and climbing the biggest hill on the course.

Grit and Determination from Niamh Black.

Callum Chamberlain happily shoulders his bike to run a section that became too slippery to ride.

Kim Hurst sucking in oxygen on the way up the big hill.

Anja Macdonald’s smile never left her face for a moment, except when it became a grimace.

Tristan Rawlence runs his bike out of the biggest bog on the course.

Auntsfield is a beautiful setting. the course is bordered by a pond on one side and vinyards on the other.

Men’s Champ Henry Jaine proved too strong for the rest of the field.

Last lap of the race. Henry had the finish line in sight and was not going to let up for a second.

Ideal CX Conditions.

From the Start Finish line you can see across the fields to the top of the course amongst the vines.

The long fast decent is the reward for dragging yourself up a big slippery climb.

Henry Jaine, NZ Men’s CX Champ 2017

Wayne Pool makes his way between the vines.

This winding trail between the vines was ankle deep slop by the end of the day.

Grand masters winner Gary “Stealth Bomber” Moller flat out on the fastest section of the course.

The start of the masters race, Gary Moller challenges Andrew Scott for the holeshot.

Mud, Sweat and Beers. Another NZ CX Champs is in the books.