“The most amazing race the world doesn’t watch.”

The clickbait title and the muddy-kneed thumbnail of this video that came across my YouTube recommendations caught my eye like another episode of Wyn TV chit chat. I was intrigued, it suited my millennial ten minute attention span and it was a race I’d certainly never heard of before let alone was able to pronounce properly. 

Like a true Belgium cycling aficionado, watching the last few kms of the Dwars door het Hageland with Flemish commentary, I was sold on the title. I had to txt my Belgium bike riding-classics loving colleague and tell him what I’d watched. 

If you’re a part of the world that hasn’t seen it yet, you’re a fan of classics like Strade Bianche and have a special place in your heart for Belgium one day racing, this is all you. From unpaved sectors through forests, residential roads and cobbled climbs this race has all the makings of an epic ride. Throw a few well known cyclocross hitters into the mix, inappropriately close motos and you have an entertaining race with a thrilling finale. 

Like James Dear in the comments section said “Why aren’t there more races like this?” 

Watch the last 10k above, the last 20 and 45 below…