Where would mountain biking be without great design – from trails to bikes to helmets, shoes and clothing?

Nzo are a Rotorua clothing company making well-engineered and great looking gear. They’ve recently taken that to whole new level letting you customize your own riding clothing here.

Gary Sullivan from Nzo is always generous with his time, working on some of the major events that have elevated Rotorua to the world mountain bike stage. That includes the game changer, the 2006 UCI Mountain Bike and Trials World Championships and New Zealand and World Singlespeed Championships.

The first time the Rotorua Singlespeed Society hosted the World Champs was in 2010. “We built the graphic around a monolithic numeral ‘1’ (and one ring to rule them all) which had some simple koru patterns incorporated into it to cement the event in Rotorua and Aotearoa,” says Gaz.

The Singlespeed Worlds returns to Rotorua in November. This time Gaz took his design inspiration from Te Ika a Māui. According to Māori mythology, New Zealand arose through the actions of demigod, Māui. He and his brothers were fishing from their canoe (the South Island) when he caught a great fish (the North Island) and pulled it from the sea.

“Using the same graphic device, but with a mythic singlespeeder hauling the ‘1’ out of the Pacific, seemed like a good way to connect the event to the Aotearoa creation story,” he continues. “And it’ll also remind our visitors that they’re in a place that is fresh and new, compared to almost anywhere they may have come from or visited.”

“Entry is open and for $111, you’ll get a classic collector’s tee-shirt with Gaz’s beautiful design, beverages on course and at the after-race party at the Pig and Whistle and a Big Kiwi Brekkie back at the Pig the following morning,” says Paul Laing from the Singlespeed Society. “You don’t even need a singlespeed to enter a world championships. One speed your bike just for the day. Enter by September 1 and you’ll be in the draw for one of 5 seats on a Helibike Rotorua trip to ride the Moerangi Trail, Whirinaki.”

There are also 2 bike frames up for grabs – real steel by Jeffson Bikes and bamboo by Freddy Salgado from Bikey’s. There’s terrific Rotorua swag from Agroventures, Dancing Moose Cycling Adventure Supplies, Holiday Inn, QE Health Wellness and Spa, Raceline Karting at Off Road and Rotorua Canopy Tours.

Keeping it even more local, Rotorua Lakes Council has supported most Singlespeed Society events, with millions of dollars of coverage and economic benefit returned on every dollar invested.  Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust and First Sovereign have always made a big difference to the success of singlespeed events. Nduro Events are the race directors, again. Kevin Martin, from Albero Websites, is based in Tauranga and built the site for free: www.rotoruasinglespeed.com.  “Kevin’s contributed to a whole range of MTB enterprises over the last 15 years,” Paul adds, “so he’s an honorary local and part of our dream team.”

The Singlespeed Mountain Bike World Championships return to Rotorua in November (Gary Sullivan/Nzo).