Words Tim White. Photos @batstagram

We built this board track replica for a T White’s customer that had seen a similar project we’d worked on. He was digging the worn-in look and I just happened to have this old 60s Phillips frame floating around the shop I wanted to do something special with, and this project suited its style and stance. Parts-wise it’s all just old bits I had that just spoke to us during the mock-up stages. The coolest feature is the gas tank, and man that was a headache. It’s an old fire extinguisher that we modified, I would hate to know the hours I put into it, it would probably make me cry. Of course we wanted it to be reliable so we opted for a quality Chinese-built 70cc two stroke engine. As long as gas is getting to it they’re pretty bombproof.

The thing about this bike is not the speed, it’s not really a top speed machine. I’m guessing it tops out about 45kph, and by swapping the gears a top speed of 60ish in the right conditions is possible! 

The feeling of carving the velodrome wall with the 2-stroke going hell for leather is amazing. I was surprised to actually feel small G-forces in the apex of the turn; something about being tucked up and dropping your shoulder into the turn at max speed has to be one of the most natural yet exciting feelings of all time. Over the years I have ridden hundreds of bikes, and after my first full-speed run I had a grin from ear to ear just because it felt so natural but terrifying.