Rolling through the top rock garden.

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to trails in this country, from north to south there are trails everywhere. From bike parks to backcountry, there is something for everyone. When it comes to picking just one favourite trail it can be hard, but we gave some people the hard word and made them pick, and these are their favourites, their Local Dirt. Send us your own slice of Local Dirt to

Georgia Petrie is a 20 year old shredder from Christchurch and has lived a life of two wheeled awesomeness. Starting out with racing BMX at a young age then moving onto the bigger wheels thanks to her older brother and Dad. Once getting to grips on the big hoops racing was the next step and, at 15, she participated in her first ever novice Downhill race, which lead to club races then National races. Enduro was the next step and the format was more inline with Georgia’s riding style as she never quite got the hang of ‘mastering the art of perfecting a single run’. She’s been racing and winning all over NZ in the discipline and she sniped an epic EWS win the first year it was in ‘Rotovegas’ (Not many people can say they’ve done that!). She even plays a role within Gravity Canterbury helping with their coaching clinics getting more and more people stoked on bikes.  

Dropping into the steep switch-backs.

So what brand of trail keeps Georgia stoked on bikes?

“Ones which can challenge me, in particular those which have a good balance of technical stuff and flow. These trails really make you think and are difficult to ride fast, providing quite a considerable degree of intensity. Having grown up riding steep, natural trails, I always gravitate toward these and I absolutely adore anything rocky and rooty which gives the trail some character. It’s fair to say that manicured Bike Park trails aren’t really my thing!”

And at the end of the steep switch-backs.

‘Pedal Fine Alley’ started out as a local downhiller built track in Victoria Park and because it was named by typical DH trail builders it wasn’t originally named as stated. ‘Pedofile Alley’ then ‘Pedo Alley’ was made official by the rangers so hit with the PC brush…I guess it isn’t a good look to have a track in a city park named as such…

The track itself is a short but sweet trail, yet is still a multi-dimensional number that is split up into three different parts that are separated by fire road crossings. The start is quite point and shoot but has some good line choice. Then the track takes you over a small step down over the first fire road and into the second and longest section of the trail. Packed full of step turns and chutes with catch berms at the base so you can get off the brakes and smash it. The section ends with a massive blind chute with a massive root at the top of it, which forces you to commit right at the top but it’s easier than it looks and feels awesome when you have sent it. The last part of the trail is rooty with some big dog, high off camber lines so really rewards bravery and after that it’s over and you get to choose what trail you going to hit next.

If you ever find yourself at the top of Vic Park, Christchurch and you’re into a techie black diamond track, Pedal Fine is a must! Made for DH bikes but still so sick on trail rigs. Get down!