I don’t know what is going on in this video but it is Mario Cipollini all over. 

To celebrate the release of the new Rb1K The One, Cipollini Bikes have gone full Italian with this promotional masterpiece.

As you might’ve seen, retirement from the pro tour has done Mario no disservice, he’s looking as buff as ever, not your typical cyclist physique for sure and so playing on his playboy persona, the video for the first half doesn’t even feature a bike but has Mario turning heads (all beautiful women, naturalé) as he dramatically struts around in a fine Italian suit and no socks. Eventually, after the lady that Mario has his eye on gets done with dancing around, we see the bike in action with him looking like an overstuffed He-Man decked out in custom skinsuit, thrashing around the coast in classic bike-promo-movie-drone-shot fashion. 

It’s a video that only a flamboyant Italian bike company with Cipo as frontman could pull off, and all the pageantry and artistic nudity could only suit a Cipollini bike. Especially one that has the name RbK1 The One. 

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