Carl Patton, Amasa Back, Utah 2013

Although I take photographs, I don’t consider myself a photographer. So when I got the opportunity to do a story on a Singletrack Colorado tour back in 2013, I was more than a bit sceptical as to what imagery I could come up with using my limited knowledge and camera operating skills. i was given a crash course in SLR buttonry and one sage piece of advice: “get shit in front”. That meant to shoot past or through an object like a leaf or rock or something, to give some depth of field and frame a part of the image. I’ve used it a lot since, and it’s good advice (thanks Caleb).

This shot however has a distinct lack of shit in front, but a plethora of it behind. When you’re gifted with a landscape as stunningly unusual as that found around Moab, Utah. When we arrived at this section of the Amasa Back trail with its nasty rock ledge drop, I knew there was a chance for a pretty expansive backdrop to the trail feature. After Carl and Mike rolled it a few times for me to get my shit together, I forewent the shit in front and was pretty happy with the result.