Chances are, unless you were from Australia and into the punk/grunge scene in the 90s, you’ve probably never heard of the Cosmic Psychos. Or maybe you were really into Sub Pop, Mudhoney and Nirvana, then you might well have heard those luminaries waxing poetic about the yobbos that hugely influenced them back in the day.

While never breaking too much ground musically, their everyday-man lyrics and real bloke larrikinism firmly planted them as a must-see live act on stage and one to be cautious of off it. Blokes You Can Trust came out a few years ago and until now has been near impossible to find the full-length film online, but as happened when I found the Psychos themselves, sometimes things just present themselves at the right moment. That could be a metaphor for the band’s existence, and the comprehensive history presented here is a must even if you’re just about to discover them for the first time.