More Scottish bikepacking goodness this time from the Bombtrack lads as they take on the Highland Trail 550 race at a pace less time trial and more mental trial.

The Highland Trail is a long distance self-supported cycling route of 885km through the Scottish Highlands. There is no entry fee, no prize money, and no support – no one will be there to rescue you. The HT550 is a self-timed Individual Time Trial, but while planing you better divide the trail into sections of hours used, not kilometres. All that is provided by the organisers is inspiration, a suggested start time, a GPS track file, and a list of completion times. Joachim experienced Scotland’s beautiful mountain streams and lochs for almost 6 days. One challenge beside the actual ride with all its meters of elevation (18.500m) is the weather in Scotland – as it can change on a whim, and you may find yourself getting besieged by cold lashing rain and high winds. “Coming in last doesn’t mean you lost”