Blackburn have crammed as much as they can in the smallest possible package with this stylish looking, compact and functional tool aptly dubbed the Tradesman.


This nicely bundled, fit-in-your-pocket tool features: Quick link storage, T25, T30, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm allens, disc brake pad spreader, flathead screwdriver, spoke wrench, presta valve tool, and quick-link chain tool compatible with 12 speed and fewer gears. If you can’t fix your bike with this tool, you’ve got some major problems.

Yeah it looks good and it’s practical, with nicely designed L shaped allen keys, a well thought-out solution for those tight little nasty bolts that are hard to get to and easily ruined. Having the two Torx sizes is particularly handy for mountain bikers, but with Torx heads popping up just about everywhere on components on all bikes they’re a welcome and useful addition.And chain-wreckers rejoice, with the quick-link storage and chain tool, you’ll never have to worry about dropping a watt bomb, snapping a chain and prematurely ending your ride ever again. And if you think a disc pad spreader is superfluous, then you haven’t thought about the rise of disc brakes in road cycling and have never bumped a hydro brake lever with the wheel out. This will be a common thing in the near future as disc users become more dominant on the road. Kudos for the pad spreader!

The construction of the tool is solid and classy looking with the anodised finish which should look good after years of living in a backpack or pocket. Weighing in at about the same as your average smartphone at 135g, the Tradesman isn’t a super-compact tool but more a fully-equipped mini-workshop. Minimalists might shy away from it but those who want one tool for every job then the Tradesman is a great solution to your epic adventure tool needs.