Patina, when applied to cycling, or more specifically bikes, means the rough surface on the frame’s tubes, usually where the chain has been bouncing against the metal. Your bike is metal, right? Well, most of ours are, and when our chains slap, they slap metal, leaving their indelible marks not only on our bikes, but on our very souls. They, too, are Metal.

Our mission at ChainSlap is to leave a mark through words and pictures. We don’t want to be like other sites, which can be a difficult task in these times of instant and constant news feeds, myriad ‘sick edits’ and a new product seemingly every day. Sure, we love all that stuff too, but it doesn’t do us any favours in standing out from the crowd.

Our team is made up of some of New Zealand’s most original and passionate wordsmiths and lensmen, with the aim to cultivate a form of cycling media that is about more than just the equipment and the act of pedalling. As much as cycling can consume those of us committed––or even addicted––to it, some do have lives outside of it, or at least around it. Yeah, we think you may be just like us.

We want to share our passions with yours, to entertain and also make you think, and we want you to inspire us as much as we hope to inspire you. Most of all, we want to enjoy our time on the bike, and our time off it too. Living the bike life, every day.

ChainSlap welcomes contributions, questions, answers and feedback. Email us at if any of those things are on your mind.